About The Booklet

This original booklet, printed in 1911 by the Colonial Beach Company to promote Colonial Beach has not been changed in any manner. Some of the distances of nearby historic shrines are incorrect and other facts stated as such are open to question.

The booklet will bring back memories to our older residents, and give a glimpse into the past to the younger ones.

Many of the photographs were taken in the 1890's and early 1900's. Some of the places are still in use today.

The river steamers played an important part in the early days of the development of Colonial Beach. Summer excursion boats brought thousands of visitors to the resort town. They continued to operate until the 1940's. Freight boats discontinued operations in the early 1930's. They plyed the Potomac between Baltimore, Norfolk and Washington, with Colonial Beach a regular port of call. The larger Norfolk to Washington steamers did not come into Colonial Beach.

The booklet is being re-printed by the Colonial Beach, Virginia Chamber of Commerce because the Bicentennial has made everyone more conscious of the past.

As you browsed through this booklet some of the changes will be amazing while the old Potomac keeps rolling along. This brings to mind an article in a national magazine that told how George Washington when he was a lad in his early teens, liked to watch the white swans on the Potomac. This was back in the 1740's and they continue to appear each winter.

It has been written about - the various types of fish caught whether rock, hardhead, spot, blue, etc. - in the earliest recorded history of the Potomac. Crabbing, fishing and oystering still abounds in local waters. The methods of catching them changes, but that is all.

Recent digging near Colonial Beach uncovered Indian Mounds various ways of catching fish, crabs and oysters, but catcy them they did.

The Potomac River is why Colonial Beach exists and why it will continue in the years ahead. The people change, the buildings change, but the Potomac remains the same.

Copies of this booklet may be purchased from
The Chamber of Commerce, Colonial Beach, Virginia 22443