THE most attractive summer resort on the Potomac River, is situated in the upper part of Westmoreland County, Virginia, sixty-six miles from Washington. It is bounded on the east side by the Potomac River and on the west by Monroe Bay, having a bathing beach of about four miles, which, combined with the finest of fishing, crabbing, and sailing, tends to make Colonial Beach one of the most desirable places known for rest and recreation.

In addition to these attractions, it is located in the historic County of Westmoreland, the birthplace of George Washington and the home of Robert E. Lee. Monroe Bay, on the west side of the Beach, takes its name from President Monroe, who was born about two miles from its source.

Wakefield, on which stands the beautiful monument marking the birthplace of Washington, is about two miles from the town and is easily accessible by land or water.

Stratford, the home of Robert E. Lee, is located about three miles farther down the Potomac.