I am Doc's Motor Court of Colonial Beach.

I've stood here virtually unchanged since Herbert "Doc" Caruthers opened my doors May 31, 1948. Even my neon sign is the original one. I am not bragging, but for a building my age, I am in pretty good shape.

Ellie Caruthers, Doc's wife joined Doc to help watch over me three years after I was built when those two got hitched.

I admit that all my beauty is not natural. Over the years every once in a while Ellie and Doc had to give me a facelift. Most folks who see me think I'm about 25 years old.

Getting a facelift is not my real beauty secret as to how I have managed to look good all these years. I have remained appealing because I was built right in the first place.

I was always Doc's baby. This is how Doc conceived me. One summer in the forties, he and some friends made a trip to Florida in a motor car. The boys were about 17 or 18. During their long trip south, they kept running into these new things called "Motor Courts".

Motor Courts were a one story building, built so that you could pull right up in front of your room and park.

Later the term, Motor Court was replaced by a new word that we still use today. That word is "Motel". It's a hybrid of the terms "motor car" and "hotel". As I indicated earlier, I am not much for change myself, so I kept my original name, "Doc's Motor Court".

Now, where was I?

Oh, yes, I remember -- I was born May 31, 1948. You could never tell I was this old by looking at me. I am not bragging, but most people who see me think I'm about 25 years old.

I am Doc's Motor Court and ...........